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Group Tours & School Programs

Please join us to experience the centre self-guilded.

Group Rates

Group rates are available for guided groups. Admission fees are payable by the tour leader on the day of the visit. We can design the tour to suit the time you have and the interests of the group. Most guided tours last 1.5 hours but short tour are also possible.

Group Rates

Adult & Senior Groups

With Guided Tour


Groups of 10 - 25



Groups of 25+






School & Youth Tours

Guided Youth Tour

Two Youth Programs/Visit







For more information contact:  250-495-7901

How to book a Program:

Image by Britt Felton

School Programs

Okanagan Cultural Tour

School groups begin their tour with the 20 minute feature film, "Coyote Spirit" which depicts a young girls encounter with the spirit of Coyote on her visit to the Osoyoos Indian Reserve. Following the film, students are guided by interpreters to a reconstructed Okanagan Village; along the way, they are educated about the local plants and animals of the Osoyoos desert grasslands, and their traditional uses. At the village, students have the opportunity to examine traditional tools used by the Okanagan First Nations in a hands-on artifact session. Iftime permits, classes attend a second pit-house theatre production which recounts how Coyote brought salmon to the Okanagan.

1-2 Hour Program

Snakes Alive

Most students have heard of Western Rattlesnakes; however, there are seven local species of snakes in this region, most of which are also at risk. The "Snakes Alive" program educates students about snake species and their habitats as well as safety in rattlesnake country. The program explains the conservation techniques of the Nk'Mip Rattlesnake Research Project and illustrates how our fragile ecosystem is vital to their survival. A live gopher and rattlesnakes are featured in each program. After the program students are encouraged to explore the centre exhibits and trails.

40 Minute Program

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Plan Your Visit

The Osoyoos Indian Band welcomes you to our Desert Cultural Center, where you will discover the stories, people, art and history of our area. View our hours and admission rates.

Explore & Experience

Explore indoor and outdoor cultural and nature exhibits. Discover the desert ecology and wildlife in “Critter Corner” and “Living Land” displays. Hear the legends of Sen’klip (Coyote) in two multi-sensory theatres.

Shop For A Unique Gift

Visit our Gift Shop for indigenous handcrafted art and merchandise for everyone from children to discerning adults.

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