What to See and Do


Centre is meant to be self-guided.

Two Theatres – Indoor/outdoor exhibits – 1.5km trails.


Nine things to see and do at the Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre:




Horse Statue


  1. Explore indoor and outdoor cultural and nature exhibits
  2. Discover the desert ecology and wildlife in “Critter Corner” and “Living Land” displays
  3. Hear the legends of Sen’klip (Coyote) in two multi-sensory theatres
  4. Meet our interpreters giving daily trail walks and programs.
  5. Take a peek inside a traditional pit house and sweat lodge
  6. See eye-to-eye with a Western Rattlesnake  a Great Basin Desert Snake
  7. Bring your camera to photograph the desert landscapes and sculptures by Smoker Marchand found throughout the 50 acre site
  8. Shop for unique aboriginal crafts, jewelry and gift ware in ‘Coyote’s Gifts”
  9. Experience the beauty of our sage and antelope-brush desert environment

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